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Wolfsword's Updates Page


26th May - Right, here's the final part of Unions - Friday Night. Next week I've got a string of exams, so you might not get another update until the weekend. I'm starting on another story though (Sibling Rivalry), and I'm nearly finished with the first installment so you if you're lucky, I'll post that during the week. It's ironic that these exams are what's keeping me inside and writing, otherwise I think these updates wouldn't be so frequent. Heh, major party time after exam period... whoops did I just mention that? ;) By the way, just so you've been warned, this is going to be the last update for the Tripod site. The Friday Night link will take you to the new site anyway but just remember not to come back to the Tripod Updates page. Everything's on Dreamwater.

23rd May - Guess what. Another update... Thursday Night - Part Two is up. :) You can probably expect the final chapter very soon as well, maybe sometime on the weekend. I'll keep updating the Tripod site for another couple of days, but after that, you'll only be able to find it on dreamwater.

23rd May - I'm going to shut the Tripod site down soon.. the bandwidth problem is really irritating. I'm shifting everything to a new site - I'm hoping that there won't be any problems with this one. 

21st May - Oh well, I'm blaming Xena for making me fail my exams :) I'm splitting Thursday into two parts. Here's Thursday Night - Part One

14th May - Can't stay away from the computer ;) Wednesday Night from UITN posted. Should go back to studying... but I just have to finish this story! 

9th May - Sorry, gotta put some stuff on hold for the next month. Exams starting next week! Anyway, there's a couple more chapters of Unions up for now.

6th May - New story! Muse was calling. The result.. Unions in the Night. Got the first two chapters done yesterday and posted today. I already know what the other chapters are gonna be, and I'm aiming to get the whole thing done hopefully by the end of the week. Thing is, I got my exams coming up, but I seem to be wanting to write more than revise!

5th May - Chapter 16 of Love's Test posted.

1st May - Finally worked out how to upload my files. Hey presto, new site! Don't laugh, I'm young and new... like a new-born baby. ;) 




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