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Wolfsword's Lair
- A Xena Fan Fiction Site

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Hi and welcome to Wolfsword's Lair. This is my own little, tiny space in the vastness of the Xenaverse. I've actually been writing for a couple of months, but I never had the urge to post any of my work on the web. It was my own personal hobby, and I was happy with it that way. But now, I guess I just had a brainwave (doesn't happen that often heh) and I thought what the hell? Might as well go for it. So... here they are. At the moment, my stuff is unfinished, but I know where I'm going with them so they're not just going to be left hanging. All my stories either use the characters of Xena and Gabrielle or are written with the characteristics of them in mind. If you aren't happy with reading material that deals with two women (or more, hehe) having sex or just the thought of women loving each other gives you the creeps, then what are you doing here? ;)

My site's pretty simple right now, but maybe I'll tech it up when I've got time. I'm in the middle of my exams right now, but hey, so long as the stories are up, I'm happy. Scroll down to the bottom or just click here on Stories to read my work.



Summary of my works: - 

Love's Test - Classic story

Our two favourite heroines are having problems admitting their true feelings. Along comes an Amazon, with a past to match Xena's, deep secrets and a legacy rooted in mystery. 
Will they be strong enough to overcome the twists and turns of true love? The first story in a set of five, so be warned. This promises to be an on-going thing.

Out of Time - Futuristic Uber story... kind of. Hehe.

Xena is a Commander of a Resistance army two hundred years from now. Taral is her arch enemy, one of the leaders of a group called the Daimons, who rule the world with an iron fist. Whilst on a mission to free a Containment building, Xena is caught and her life is thrown into an unreal circumstance.

Unions In The Night - Uber story set in present day London.

Tara Whitman, a thirty-one year old criminal psychologist, is posed a deep, personal question by a young offender in the institute that she works in. The innocent question, prompts Tara to describe a week in her life ten years ago, that changed her life dramatically, when she met Jordan Woods.

Sibling Rivalry - Alternate Timeline

Three young strangers, brothers and sister, arrive in a bustling town from a remote village to train with a seasoned warrior at his Academy. Little do they know what dangers await them, in the form of their mentor's daughter. Is blood really thicker than water?


Coming Soon: -

Robyn Hood: Princess of Thieves - Uber story

Robyn Hood, grand daughter of the legendary Robin of Locksley has been set a task, to bring the famed Stones of Power to an old druid. Fraught with danger and riddles, she comes across an unlikely partner, thus beginning a legend of her own.

Enemies in Love - Alternate Timeline

Athens and Sparta have always been against each other in one way or another. After the war with the Persians and a few decades before the Peloponnesian War, an Athenian Commander invited a Spartan General to experience the lifestyle of their city, not realising that he had set in motion events that would turn the lives of many, upside down.





Disclaimer: Xena: Warrior Princess and it's characters are the property of MCA Universal, Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and in no way does this site intend to infringe upon their copyright.

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