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Author's Notes: If you don't want to read the sex scene, than stop reading after the first break and go straight to the next installment. ;)

Unions In The Night by Wolfsword 

Thursday Night - Part Two

"Where are we going!" shouted Tara over Jordan's shoulder. They raced through the streets of the city, Jordan's faster bike pulling ahead of her comrade's. They weaved through the sparse traffic and took several shortcuts through dark alleyways. Tara was sure that Jordan knew where she was going and she trusted her to keep the bike in control, but she still held on tight. She could feel the desperation in Jordan's tight body, as she hurried towards her goal. Whatever had happened, it was imperative that Jordan get there quickly. 

"Home!" replied Jordan, yelling over her shoulder. Jordan turned a sharp corner, putting her foot on the ground to make sure the turn was clean and sped into a dim alleyway. Tara felt the bike slow and then stop. Behind them, Leo also halted his own motorbike, leaping off the seat quickly and leaving his helmet on the saddle. Jordan jumped off her bike, flicking the stand down and walked up to a door at the side. It was hidden in the darkness and only someone who knew that it was there would have seen it. She knocked out a pattern on the door and waited a few minutes, until a metal shutter in the door opened at eye level. Tara saw a pair of eyes through the rectangle hole, then the shutter was closed and the several bolts and locks could be heard being undone. The door swung open outwards.

"Jordan, I'm glad you made it," said the burly man at the door, looking slightly relieved. "You only had about five minutes left." Tara wasn't going to be left outside in the dimly lit alleyway, so she jumped off the bike as well, yanking the helmet off her head and went to stand behind Jordan. "Who's that?" came the sharp question, as the man spotted her.

"She's with me. It's alright Karl."

The man didn't look happy, but nodded. "Okay, if you say so, Boss. But you know you're not supposed to bring any outsiders in here."

"Relax. She can be trusted," Tara heard Jordan say, feeling a swell of pride in her chest.

Leo walked in first. Tara guessed it was either to announce to everyone that their Leader had arrived, or to make sure the coast was clear. Jordan indicated that she should go next, so Tara entered the dingy hallway. She felt Jordan's comforting presence behind her, as she placed her hands on her shoulders to make sure she knew where she was going in the near darkness. Tara jumped as the door clanged shut and the sound of the keys and bolts being shoved back into place grated on her ears in the silence. There were closed doors at various points in the corridor, and the small blonde wondered what gruesome secrets lay behind them. In reality, the hallway wasn't that long, but since Tara was unaccustomed to the place, it felt like an age to walk before they finally came to a spiralling stairwell at the back. Leo and Jordan's boots thumped quietly on the metal grills as they climbed, eventually coming to the first floor. There was only space for one person to come over the top of the steps and Tara waited patiently for Leo's large frame to move out of her way, feeling Jordan's hands on her hips in reassurance. Leo was shouting to someone else as he moved up on to the first floor. Tara quickly followed him, as she got her first glimpse of the Wolves' Headquarters. She had to step forward slightly to allow Jordan to come up behind her. The sides of the top of the small stairwell were surrounded by metal plates, apart from the place where they could enter, forcing any group to come up in single file. The entrance faced directly into a short hall, which panned out into a much larger room. There was no way for an enemy to charge up there and expect to live, since they would be shot or knifed instantly, with no cover available. 

Leo had walked quickly into the room, shouting orders and immediately the noise and music coming from the room was silenced. Jordan put a hand on Tara's shoulder and brushed past her, grabbing her hand from behind and pulling her close to her back. They walked into the brighter room and Tara peered around Jordan's shoulder to see what was happening. There were several sofas near the windows on the left of the room, with Wolves' members sitting on them casually, their scantily clad partners, in some way or another, on top of them. At the far end of the long room, there was a mini bar, where a number of people were standing, getting some drinks. Over on the right, were some doors that led to other rooms in the building. Positioned in the middle of the room, were a few pool tables where other members were playing. The room stank of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. Quite a few people were in various stages of intimacy, but everyone had stilled to look at the pair who had just entered their den. Tara swallowed her fear as the probing gazes of the gangsters swept over her. Suddenly, a man, around the same build as Leo, stood from one of the sofas, dislodging a girl that was sitting on him. 

He stared at Jordan menacingly. "So.. you've decided to show up after all," he taunted. Jordan said nothing. No one moved, and some looked uncomfortable at the obvious tension. "Well, that's just fine with me. We can get this over and done with quickly."

Tara saw a few people shift uneasily on their feet as they looked between the man and Jordan. She couldn't see Jordan's face, but from the sudden rigidness she suddenly felt in her body, she knew that she was getting angry. The man was becoming edgy and irritated with the unresponsive woman. "Are we going to do this or not?! Or has that new bird of yours turned you soft?" He turned his taunts on Tara. 

"Don't you dare bring her into this, Tommy," said Jordan quietly, a hint of danger creeping into her voice. "If you're sure that this is what you really want to do, then I'll show you just how soft I can be." Every one in the room felt the threat and didn't doubt that their leader still had her edge. 

Tommy on the other hand, seemed more determined than ever. "Yeah! This is what I want!"

Jordan looked at him for a moment. "Get the room sorted," she ordered to everyone. Instantly, every member of her gang in the room jumped into action and began clearing a space in the middle of the room. The tables with half empty beer bottles on them, were dragged to the edge of the room and the bottles of alcohol from the bar were put away in case they got damaged. During this time, Jordan had turned to Leo, who was standing beside his leader. Tara strained to hear what he was saying over the din, but she couldn't make any sense out of it. Jordan pulled her out from behind her and pushed her gently into Leo's arms. She tilted Tara's head up to look at her, trailing a finger across her cheek. 

"Don't worry. Everything will be alright," she said softly, before looking up at her second in command. "Look after her Leo, with your life."

"You know I will J," he replied. "But I won't have to for long. I know you can whip this guy easy."

"We'll see about that." Jordan began to move away from them, warming her shoulders up as she walked. 

Her black T-shirt hugged her body quite close, so her muscles stood out visibly. For the first time, Tara noticed a thin red, jagged line that ran from her left wrist all the way down to her elbow. It looked recent and she realised that it must have been that injury which Tara kept aggravating at the Chinese restaurant. She wondered how many other scars she would find if they ever got that far. She looked around at the room again, and was slightly amazed at the transformation. Everything had been shoved to the side and now there was an area for the two gangsters to move in. She looked up at Leo, wondering about how much trust Jordan had in the man to leave her with him. Maybe Katife had been wrong about Jordan on that part. She watched as his keen eyes swept the room for any more danger to his leader, coming to rest on the group by the sofas, who were clapping Tommy on the back for his bravery, egging him on to win.

Tara could see he was pumped up with adrenaline, but when she looked at Jordan, all she saw was a blank expression on her face as she stared coldly at her opponent. Even though Jordan was not looking at her, Tara still felt a chill go through her body at the lack of feeling in her eyes. She stood in the middle of the room, waiting for Tommy to advance towards her. It was deathly silent in the room and Tara could sense the overwhelming feeling of terror in the room for some reason. Suddenly, a feral smile slowly spread across the dark woman's features, and she spoke, causing a few people in the room to jump.

"Let's have some music boys," she said, turning her gaze to a man standing in the corner by the hi-fi. He paled visibly at the stare and turned quickly to do as she said. A fast-paced tune thumped out of the speakers around the room, and immediately the mood shifted to one of expectation. To anyone outside of the room, the sounds of the fight would be covered up by the music. People started shouting and cheering on Jordan. Tommy had now stripped off his shirt and stood in his trousers, his double barrelled chest exposed, and ready for the coming fight. "What you waiting for Tommy? A green light?" The man's anger snapped and ran at Jordan in his fury.

Tara turned to Leo, determined to find out what the hell was going on. "Why is he fighting Jordan? I thought she was the leader?"

Leo bent his head down. "She is. He just challenged her for her leadership though. Tommy was always a thorn in our side, and now he's shown his true colours."

"So you mean, that there's fights inside the gang as well as with other gangs?"

"Yes. You see, the Wolves are actually made up of several different old gangs; ones that were beaten by them. Slowly, the Wolves became a very large force and overpowered the others, incorporating them into the gang. Occasionally, factions arise and they have to be dealt with swiftly before they have a chance to gain more support. So we have the Challenge."

"What's to stop anyone just taking over and killing the leader?"

"It's possible, but should anyone try that within the gang, it's most likely that they would not be respected or trusted with the leadership and another one would be elected, just like if they had been assassinated by an outsider. So far, it's never happened. Everyone understands that for the gang to remain in control, there are certain rules that have to be followed."


"Well, take the Challenge for example. It's tradition that if someone challenges the leader, they have three hours to accept the challenge, or they forfeit their leadership; providing that they are in the city at the time, of course. That way, the leader is forced to show that they are worthy of the position. Tommy knew that Jordan was going somewhere tonight with you, so he waited fifteen minutes after she had left, then made the challenge. He thought he could get away without fighting her, but we found her in time. He'll lose now," said Leo confidently.

"How do you lose the fight?"

Leo looked at her in surprise. "You die."

Tara was speechless for several seconds as she turned her attention to the two grappling gangsters. Tommy had pulled out his switchblade and was clumsily trying to stab at Jordan. Each time the woman would just sidestep the attack. There were several red marks on the man's body from the punches that Jordan had given him. As for Jordan, her shirt had been slashed across her stomach and Tara couldn't see if the blade had penetrated through to her skin. Suddenly, she kicked out and sent the blade flying through the air to land on the other side of the room, away from Tommy. She turned slightly on her standing leg and smoothly slammed her foot into his stomach. He doubled over and she took the opportunity to step in and crashed her knee into his jaw. He staggered backwards from the blow, looking slightly dazed, but then shook himself. He advanced more cautiously this time, but Jordan didn't wait for him. She jumped towards him, throwing out her left arm to jab him in the face, but Tommy grabbed the arm and twisted it behind her back savagely. Just when he thought that he had got the upper hand, he felt himself falling, as Jordan crouched low and hurled him over her shoulder. Jordan held her arm close to her body, and rolled her shoulder in circles to loosen it up again. Suddenly, Tommy swung his leg out from the ground, catching Jordan behind the knee with full force, sinking her to her knees. He got up quickly and yanked Jordan off the floor by her shirt, then proceeded to head-butt the woman. Jordan turned her head slightly, taking the blow on her left side to avoid her nose breaking, as Tommy released her to fall to the ground. He picked her up again, this time gripping her in a death-like bear hold around her ribs, aiming to crush the life out of her.

Jordan struggled as she was lifted several inches off the ground by the large man, trying to get him to release his hold on her. It didn't work so she decided to go with plan B. She brought her right leg back and slammed it into his groin as hard as she could, and at the same time brought her hands down on either side of his neck with the edge of her hands in a slicing move. He immediately cried out in pain and dropped her as he collapsed in a heap of pain. Jordan drew deep breaths to get the oxygen back into her system as she reached down to the fallen man and grabbed him by the waist, lifting him onto her broad shoulder. She twisted and hurled him across the room, in a display of strength that amazed everyone. He crashed into the wall, slumping down and landing on one of the tables, smashing it in two with his weight. Crushed glass flew out from underneath him as he impacted on the beer bottles.

Jordan turned from him and advanced towards the group of men on the sofas, who looked at each other in panic. The ones who weren't part of Tommy's group quickly got up and moved away. Everyone's eyes were on Jordan, but suddenly, Tara turned to look at Tommy, who had risen.

"Jordan! Look out!" she screamed. 

Immediately, Jordan ducked, and a long shard of glass went sailing over her head, barely inches from her hair, only to land harmlessly on the ground in front of her. She got up quickly to check if Tommy was going to throw another piece at her, but as he stood, wavering unsteadily on his feet, it was plain that he wasn't going to do anything. The front of his chest was covered in cuts, that were bleeding profusely, the blood running down his body and dripping to the floor. He sunk to his knees in his weakness, passing out with his face on the floor. Jordan's face was a mask of anger for his near hit and she stalked over to him swiftly. He took him by the hair, and dragged his whole body over to his comrades, who looked at her in shock. She brought him right up to them and dropped his head at their feet, as they stared down at their friend in disbelief. She picked up the shard of glass that had ended up by the sofa, and straddled the unconscious man's back, flipping it around in her hand. The music had been shut off since the fight was over, and now the room was again silent.

"I do not tolerate traitors in my camp!" she growled, looking each of them in the eyes. Holding the gaze of the boldest of the three, she reached down and lifted Tommy's head, exposing his neck to them. Tara, in that instant, knew what Jordan was going to do, and she turned to bury her face in Leo's chest, unable to watch the woman she love commit such an act. In one swift movement, Jordan sliced the piece of glass across his jugular, the blood spraying upwards and onto the laps of the mortified men sitting there. A couple of them even screamed in horror, jumping up from their seats to try to avoid the sticky liquid, but to no avail. Jordan let the now dead man's head slump back onto the hard floor, everyone in the room flinching at the crack. She stood, dropping the blood drenched piece of glass onto the floor beside the corpse and turned around to face the onlookers. "Anyone else want to challenge me tonight?" She was met with silence from her gang members. "Good, now will someone clear this mess up?" 

Tara knew that it wasn't a question, but an order and she saw a few people taking out a large black bin liner from a box. They went over and began to clear up the scene of the fight and take the body away from the room. It looked like they had done this before and were just going through the motions. Tara didn't want to think about where they dumped the bodies, and she couldn't even bring herself to look at the blood pooling around the man. She felt Leo's arms relax around her and she looked up at him. 

"Sorry. I just..."

"Hey, it's okay. J asked me to look after you, so I did." His voice was soft and soothing, full of understanding for the woman. 

Tara nodded at him, and turned to look for Jordan. She saw the woman walking into another room. "Where's she's going?"

"That's the bathroom. Probably gone to wash her hands of the blood. She'll be back in a minute." Leo paused, thinking to himself for a second. "Tara, do you know what bloodlust is?"

"No. But it doesn't sound good. What is it?"

"It's not necessarily a bad thing. It's something that happens after a big adrenaline rush. After a fight, maybe. All that adrenaline is still pumping around in your veins and you might feel a little, frisky shall we say."

"What are you trying to say?" Tara asked, wanting clarification.

"Look, I know quite a lot about you and Jordan. She's told me everything. Despite what you may have heard about the gang, Jordan doesn't kill for fun. She may have done in the past, but not now. I am honoured to count myself as one of the few people she's ever trusted in her life and because of that I look out for her, like she does for me. I've known her long enough to know that she doesn't take relationships lightly. She's gonna take you home now and it's up to you what you do, or don't do but just make sure you're honest with her. Will you do that?"

"Of course, I will." She tried to hide the hurt in her voice. 

"That's all I need to know, Tara." Leo looked up as Jordan exited the bathroom. Her hair was drenched with water, small droplets cascading down her shoulders and Tara felt her heart melt at the sight. She was shocked when she saw the red-head, Bella, pounce on the woman as she was walking past, pushing her up against the wall. She was saying something to her, and Tara swore that she saw a look of lust that passed over Jordan's handsome face. But then it was gone, and Jordan's eyes took on an angry glint, as she pushed the woman away from her. As Jordan walked towards Tara, she saw Bella turn and punch the wall in frustration behind the tall woman. 

"You ready?" Jordan's voice sounded detached, but she looked at Tara with a fire that the smaller woman had never seen before. Then she looked away, as if avoiding Tara's questioning look.

"Yeah, if you are."

"Let's go then." 

Jordan glanced at Leo and he nodded that he would keep everything under control while she was gone. She turned on her heel and walked quickly out through the short hall and descended the metal grill steps, not even looking back to see if Tara was following. Tara had to admit, she was very confused at the woman's actions and she couldn't help but feel slightly hurt at the distance the gang leader was showing. She hopped on the bike behind Jordan, who was already sitting on it. She felt the bike rev up under her and they pulled away quickly. She held on tight to Jordan's waist, but after a few minutes, she quickly realised that there was something sticky seeping through to her palm, under Jordan's shirt. She knew then, that Jordan had been wounded by Tommy's knife and she tried as best she could not to clutch too tightly but it was virtually impossible. She wondered at the pain which the woman must have been in, but was showing no outward sign of it. 

The ride passed quickly for Tara, as she again felt her arousal heightened by the closeness of the dark woman. She had been disturbed at first, by the violence which Jordan had shown against Tommy, but she understood that it was necessary for her to do what she did. If she had not fought back, Tommy would have most certainly killed her first and not have thought twice about his actions. It was just a totally different environment, and Tara's first taste of it had not been without fear. When she had seen the fatal piece of glass heading towards Jordan, she had thought that there was no way that she would be able to avoid it in time. Yet, Jordan's quick reaction to Tara's voice had saved her from a horrible death and even though that was the instrument of Tommy's own downfall, Tara knew, that given a choice between the life of a man and her the life of her love, there would be no question or hesitation as to what she would choose.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as the bike slowed and they halted outside the doors. Tara was unsure of what she should do. Her thoughts strayed back to what Leo had said about bloodlust. He was talking about Jordan, that was for sure, but was he warning her away from her, or telling her that she should do what she desired most. Jordan sat still, not turning around, or saying anything. Tara had a thought that maybe she felt that Tara was disgusted with her for what she did. It suddenly occurred to the small blonde that Jordan might seek release from the bloodlust from someone else. Tara made a snap decision, and pulled the helmet off her head, placing it behind her. She moved forwards on the bike and reached around with her right hand to turn Jordan's face towards her. She felt the slight reluctance in her head, as she finally turned to look over her shoulder. Tara leaned over and took the woman by surprise as she kissed her on the lips. Tara pulled back slightly, checking for any sign of discomfort in Jordan's eyes. She was totally taken aback by the intense look of desire that flamed in the woman's ice-blue eyes. She moved forwards again, claiming Jordan's mouth, this time pushing an exploratory tongue into it. She swirled the sensitive muscle around, feeling giddy when she felt Jordan's own tongue pushing back forcefully. Tara broke the kiss and slid back a little, bringing her mouth close to Jordan's ear.

"Go into the compound and park your bike. I need you, Jordan." She knew she got the desired response as she heard her draw a quick breath. She quickly grabbed the helmet, to keep it from being flung off the back as Jordan did as Tara said. Inside, she parked her bike in a corner, then swivelled around and sat face to face with the blonde woman. She brought her hand up to brush away the strands of hair that had fallen over Tara's face from the ride. She searched her face for something, and Tara wasn't sure if she found it or not. 

"Do you know, I'd do anything for you?" Jordan stated, so quietly that Tara almost didn't hear. "I love you, Tara." Jordan sealed her words with another kiss that left them both breathless. 

As they pulled away from each other, Tara smiled, knowing that a reply was not needed from her. They both hopped off the bike, walking towards the doorway, Jordan's arm around Tara's shoulders and Tara hugging Jordan's tender torso. As they walked past the guard, he stopped them.

"Hey, you're not meant to bring visitors inside after 12," he said.

"Oh, please Simon. Just do me this one, tiny, favour?" Tara out on her best adorable voice. 

Simon looked at her, knowing he was going to give into her. His gaze strayed to the taller woman, and he took in the muscled arm that hung over Tara's shoulder. Her eyes told him silently that she would probably kill him if he didn't let her pass. "Alright, but only for you Tara."

In the lift, Tara leaned against Jordan as she felt the jolt of the elevator moving upwards. Her hand wandered over the torn shirt that Jordan was wearing, remembering that she had been wounded. She looked up as Jordan spoke. "I'm sorry about what you had to see tonight."

"I'm not. If we're going to be together, I wanna know all of you. The good side and the bad side, you could say. I think I'm beginning to understand the way in which you live."

"I just hope you don't get caught in it's web." Jordan looked into Tara's eyes. "I don't think I could live with the knowledge that... you were hurt or worse, because of me."

"Nothing will happen to me," Tara smiled reassuringly, "so long as I've got you. Does it hurt?" she asked, looking at the blood on her own hands from holding Jordan.

"Nah, it's just a little nick."

"Well, you just leave it to me. I didn't take that damn First Aid course only to let you bleed all over my bed."

Jordan chuckled. "And here I was, thinking I would be sleeping on the floor."

"Oh, really. Well, if you prefer the floor..." teased Tara.

"Well, if I'm wanted on the bed..." replied Jordan, smiling.

They exited the lift laughing easily with one another. Tara opened the door that led into her hallway, signalling to Jordan to be quiet. The lights came on automatically, and Tara quickly walked towards her door, pulling Jordan along with her. But Tara's hope that she could sneak Jordan in without any fuss was dashed as the door next to her's opened and Kerri stood there in her pajamas, rubbing her eyes sleepily. 

"Hey Tara, what..." began Kerri. She stopped abruptly when she saw that Tara wasn't alone. "Shit, sorry I didn't..."

"Hey Kerri," greeted Jordan, half-smiling at the stunned curly blonde.

"What's goin' on?" called a voice. Tara recognised that it was Kyle from inside the room. "Is that Tara?"

"Er.. yeah. And Jordan," replied Kerri.

"What! You're joking right." In a flash, Kyle was out of the bed and came to stand behind Kerri, looking over her shoulder to see for himself. "Oh, hi Jordan." He looked sheepishly at his girlfriend.

Tara felt like she was on show to the world, and things were not helped when Jake opened his own door and leaned both arms on the door frame in exasperation. "Guys, it's nearly one," he complained. He snapped awake when he saw who was standing in the hallway. "Jordan?"

"Yeah, last time I checked," joked Jordan, finding the whole situation quite amusing.

Tara on the other hand, was turning a nice shade of red at her friends' questioning gazes. "I see you guys got back safely," she commented.

"Yeah, I see you did too," deadpanned Kerri, winking at Tara. She nudged her boyfriend, who was now leaning his whole body against the frame of the door. "Come on, we gotta get up early tomorrow." They stepped back, but just as they were closing the door, they heard Jake's voice.

"Hey, don't you two make too much noise, you hear." The doors on both sides of the hallway slammed shut, before Tara could reply and the only sound that could be heard was Jordan's laughter, echoing throughout the corridor.

*********** **********

"Stay still, will you? It's kind of difficult to do this when you keep wriggling around."

Jordan stilled, and Tara looked up from her position on top of Jordan. "I do not wriggle. It's just pretty difficult to stay still when you've got that thing waving around in front of me."

Tara sighed. "Jordan, please trust me. I have done this before, you know. I'm telling you, it'll only hurt a little."

"Yeah yeah." Jordan took a deep breath. 

"I never would have believed that you would be willing to go up against anyone with a knife, or even a gun. But you won't let me stitch a cut." 

Tara had spent the past fifteen minutes trying to sooth Jordan. She had forced Jordan to remove her shirt and let her have a proper look at the injury. She had thought that Jordan's reluctance to do so was because she was being difficult and pretending that she didn't need any help. When she had finally gotten her to take off the top, Tara could see that it was not just a nick, but that it would, in fact need stitches. She had been totally unprepared for the reaction that Jordan had displayed when she had told her. She had tried every excuse to stop her from getting the medical pack out, but Tara was having none of them. It was only when she had taken out the needle and thread that she had begun to realise what the problem was. Jordan's eyes had widened slightly at the implement, and she had licked her lips in fear. Fear. Tara couldn't believe it, and she had asked her straight out if she was afraid of needles. Jordan, of course, had denied it but the fear was plain in her eyes. 

Tara had told her to sit on the edge of the bed and she had done so, but when Tara had knelt down to begin stitching, Jordan had jumped backwards against the wall, shaking her head furiously. Tara had tried a different tact then, telling Jordan to lie down. She straddled her legs, pinning the woman on to the bed so she couldn't go anywhere. Now, Jordan was trying her very best to avoid the needle. Her stomach muscles flexed and relaxed so that it was impossible for Tara to insert the needle point. Evidently, Jordan preferred to take the pain that that caused, rather than face the needle.

"Come on, you have to get over this sometime. It might as well be now, right?" Tara waited until Jordan stopped moving around. "I'm not going to hurt you." Tara had no idea why Jordan was reacting like this. She recalled their childhood but she could never remember Jordan ever being afraid of needles. When the other kids had been told to look away from the injections they did, but Jordan always stared straight at it, not making a sound. She guessed that sometime during her tough life, Jordan had been subjected to torture or something, and as a result, the terror was making itself known again under these safe circumstances.

"I know that. But..."


"Okay." Jordan swallowed, and took a deep breath to steady her nerves.

Tara looked deep into Jordan's eyes, conveying her love to the woman. Quickly, she began to stitch her wound, watching as Jordan clenched her teeth for the searing pain that never came. Tara was careful to go slowly, aware that if the woman got spooked again, she could end up tearing the skin. After every couple of stitches, she looked up at Jordan and smiled. Eventually, after ten minutes she had finished and taped a piece of cloth over it to stop it catching on anything. Jordan had closed her eyes and Tara took a few seconds to watch the woman, who had captured her heart in the space of a few days. Her skin seemed to glow with a power that she had never seen before and Tara could feel the strength in her legs beneath her. Her hands ran up the sides of her midriff, careful to bypass the injured area. She glanced up to see Jordan staring at her, her eyes dark with desire.

Tara brought her head down slowly, never breaking eye contact, and kissed the skin below the cloth-plaster. "All better," she murmured. She continued her kisses in a trail of fire southwards, coming to the top of Jordan's jeans. Expertly, she undid the button and unzipped the fly, sliding backwards and pulling the offending garment off Jordan's body, along with her undergarment. Sleek, tanned legs greeted her and Tara stared lustily at the dark patch of curls between them. She began to make her way upwards, getting closer to the area of sensitivity. She grazed the top of the woman's opening, causing Jordan's hips to come flying off the bed in a bid for more contact. Tara smiled, and continued upwards, as she slid over Jordan's taut body and came to sit at her waist. Jordan's eyes were burning with desire and she came up to meet Tara, sitting up and claiming her lips. Tara wrapped her legs around Jordan, and suddenly, she found herself naked and grinding against a very naked Jordan. All thoughts of her injury were blown away, as their mouths devoured each other, craving contact. Tara realised that she was on her back now, with Jordan on top of her. Jordan moved her attention to Tara's neck, then to her breasts, alternating between each one, sucking and biting on the dark pleasure spots. 

"Jordan," she whispered, gripping the dark head tightly. Jordan understood perfectly, and began moving downwards, towards the blonde woman's centre of fire. The scent of her desire swamped Jordan and as she lowered her head to the sweet nectar. Achingly slowly, she slid her tongue all the way over her opening, tasting the sweet juices and heading towards the small nub of ecstasy. Tara almost cried out, when she felt Jordan's tongue swirling around her clitoris. Jordan heard her groan and she brought a hand up and inserted a finger into Tara's slick opening. The combined feeling was almost enough to send Tara over the edge, which she was approaching rapidly. "More." Jordan complied and inserted another finger, as she increased the pressure with her mouth and began to pump harder with her fingers. Tara was flying higher than she had ever done before and felt herself contracting tightly around Jordan's fingers as she climaxed. Immediately Jordan bit down gently with her teeth, sending Tara to another level of pleasure. Tara wasn't sure if she was screaming or not; she only knew that she felt like she was floating in a sea of bliss. No one had ever made her feel like she did right now, and she looked up, her breathing irregular as Jordan removed her fingers from her opening and proceeded to lick each finger in front of Tara's lustful gaze. 

Tara brought her legs up behind Jordan and locked her feet together, forcing the taller woman to lean over her. She captured her in a steamy kiss, detecting the faint remnants of her own orgasm in Jordan's mouth. Quickly, she flipped the woman onto her back, and held her arms down at the wrist, looking into her eyes. Her gaze travelled downwards, and she dipped her head to capture a hardened nipple in her warm mouth. The groan of pleasure that rumbled from Jordan's throat fed her own hunger, and she released Jordan's wrists in order to move lower down. She settled herself between Jordan's legs and their gazes met in an intense moment, before Tara finally brought her head down to the place which she had fantasized about for many nights. She placed soft kissed around her opening, avoiding the centre of sensitivity that she knew Jordan wanted her to give her attention to. She heard a whimper of frustration come from above her, and she smiled mischievously as she swirled her tongue around Jordan's musky scented opening. Jordan's legs had suddenly ended up over Tara's shoulders, giving Tara all the space she needed. After several moments of teasing, she finally plunged her strong muscle into Jordan's wet folds. Tara couldn't get enough of the sweet nectar, and she knew that Jordan was close to her own orgasm, from the erratic breathing pattern. She forced herself to pull back, much to Jordan's dissatisfaction. She saw the taller woman's head shoot up, giving her a look of desperation, almost pleading for release. "Tara, please," she whispered.

Tara saw Jordan's hands heading down towards her centre to finish the job herself, but she stopped them with her own hands. "Oh no," she said, grinning as she moved back up Jordan's sweating body, as she saw distress on her face. She took Jordan's mouth into a hot kiss, feeling the vibrations as Jordan groaned against her lips. Tara pulled back slightly, looking into her eyes. "Did you want something?" 

Jordan could only nod. Tara had pressed her whole body the length of Jordan's, increasing the contact between them, and it was driving the dark woman crazy. "Take me," she said, hoarsely.

"Hm?" Tara bent to kiss her collarbone, pretending not to understand. 

"Tara! I need you now!" Jordan finally shouted.

Tara smirked at her victory, and looked up. She brought her mouth to Jordan's, while sending a hand south to take care of Jordan's needs. She adjusted herself so she had space for her hand, inserting two fingers straight away easily. Jordan arched into her touch, and she slid her thumb upwards with each stroke of her fingers, rubbing over Jordan's clitoris. It didn't take long, since Jordan was already so aroused, and Tara felt the warm rush of liquid flowing over her fingers. She had felt the small scream through her mouth, as she held on to Jordan, as she came crashing down. She didn't move her lips from Jordan's, as they slowly wound down together, their kiss becoming more loving than passionate. Then, just as Jordan had done, she brought her fingers up and began cleaning the sweet liquid off her fingers. She watched as Jordan watched her, then, on impulse, she let Jordan lick the the rest off, smiling as Jordan's tongue ran over her fingers. 

Tara could still feel the uneven breathing of her partner and she bent her head to kiss her collarbone, before leaning her head down to rest in Jordan's embrace. She traced a random pattern across Jordan's stomach, below her recent injury, as she felt Jordan's hand running through her hair. She hoped that their actions hadn't torn any stitches, otherwise, Jordan would have to go through facing her fear all over again. Well, if that was her reward for doing that, maybe she wouldn't mind going through it again, Tara thought, grinning.

"What's so funny?" came Jordan's voice. 

Tara looked up, just in time, as Jordan rolled her onto her back to begin their play again. Oh yeah, I'm in heaven, was Tara's last coherent thought as she lost herself in the feelings that Jordan created in her.

*********** **********

Continued... Friday Night and Epilogue

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