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Unions In The Night by Wolfsword 

Sunday Night

"Hey Tara. It's Jordan."


"What? You didn't expect me to call back the next night?"

"No, it's not that." She paused. "Ok, it is that." Tara laughed.

"I'm offended," teased Jordan. "Maybe I shouldn't ask you what I was going to ask you."

"Oh no. Please do. I'm sure you can't be that offended."

Jordan laughed easily. "Ok. Well I was wondering if you had time to go to a nightclub with me tonight. That is, if you're not busy. All your friends are invited," she added. Tara didn't respond for a long time, and Jordan became slightly worried that she's over stepped the mark. "Of course, you don't have to come. It was just a suggestion," she rushed, unable to see the smile growing on Tara's face. The dark woman was relieved when she finally heard Tara's laughter, that indicated that she had been tricked.

"Of course. I'd love to."

"Great. Er, you probably won't know the place. Is it alright if I drop by now? We can get there by tube, which is better since I can't drink if I'm driving."

"Yeah, sure. I'll ask the others whether they want to come. But knowing them, they'll probably jump at the chance. I told them all about you last night, you know."

"Reeally," chuckled Jordan. "And just what did you tell them?"

"Oh, you know. Long lost friend saves me from falling off a very tall building. The usual," said Tara, wryly. "I never said anything about you being the leader of a gang though or anything like that. In fact, you might get the third degree tonight because I was a bit shady about a few things, so I'm warning you now."

"Alright, I'll be on my guard, Ma'am."

"You just see that you are, soldier."

They both laughed, enjoying each other's chat. Neither wanted to end the call, and Jordan ended up half changing with her mobile to her ear, before they finally agreed to put the phone down. Tara glanced at the clock, alarmed that it was already eight, and she hadn't pick a dress to wear, or even asked her friends about going to the nightclub. Please let my friends like Jordan, she prayed.

*********** **********

At eight-thirty, Tara's phone rang. "Hey, it's your favourite soldier reporting for duty."

"Hi, um..."

"Are you okay?" asked Jordan, worriedly.

"Yeah yeah, just... I'm kinda in the middle of changing," Tara managed as she deliberated over several tops on her bed. "I'll send Jake down to open the door for you okay?"

"Cool, see ya in a minute."

As Tara hung up, Kerri came in, raising her eyebrows at the woman who was walking around in her underwear. "Haven't you chosen what to wear yet? Was that Jordan? Do I look alright?"

"No, yes and yes," she answered. "Jake! Since you're ready already, can you go and get Jordan from downstairs please!" she called out the door. "What do I wear!" she asked, exasperatedly at her friend.

Kerri looked at her curiously. "You really like this girl, don't you?"

Tara paused, knowing she couldn't lie to Kerri. "Yes, I think I do," she admitted quietly. "But don't tell Jake or Kyle yet okay? They'll roast her alive tonight otherwise, if I know them well."

"I think you may be right there. You know how protective they are of us. Makes me glad that I'm going out with one of them so I don't have to deal with it!" Kerri laughed. She saw the look of worry that passed over Tara's pretty face as she put on her skirt. "Tara? What's wrong?"

Tara sighed. "I don't want to ruin our friendship. Not when I've only just found her. I don't think I could bear it if she ran off again." Tara looked down at her hands. "I'm not sure how to handle it."

"Oh, honey. Don't worry. Just act naturally, you know that's the key. You'll know if it's meant to be or not. And from what you've told us, you had a great friendship. She doesn't sound like the type who would see the relationship as being ruined if you made a move on her and she didn't feel the same. Besides, the girl would have to be blind if she didn't find you attractive. Hell, if I was gay, I'd fall in love with you," laughed Kerri. Tara smiled at the joke, then looked back at her choices on the bed. "Well, don't you think you better hurry up and choose?" asked Kerri from behind, adjusting her shoulder straps on her pink dress.

"Some of us have guests to impress, unlike some people I know," joked Tara, as she picked up a red top that hugged her body tightly. "What about this one?"

"I think the green one suits you better. And it goes with your skirt," Kerri added, looking at the short black miniskirt that Tara had donned.

"Okay," Tara decided, snatching up the strappy light green top that showed off part of her midriff and sliding it over her head. She looped a silver studded belt that hung loose on her skirt, around her waist to complete her outfit. "There, what do you think?"

"I think you look great," came a low voice that startled both women in the room. They turned around to see Jordan leaning against the door frame, running her gaze over them appreciatively with Jake and Kyle behind her. Kyle made a imitation of a man fainting from being lovestruck.

Kerri was speechless as she took in the striking woman's features. Tara had told them that she was good-looking, but she never said that she was drop dead gorgeous. Tara was just as astonished, as she looked over her friend's simple yet stunning attire. Jordan had on a tight black top, that hugged her body and showing off her well-toned abdomen with a pair of black trousers, belted with an ornate silver buckle. Over the top of her outfit, she had a full-length, black leather coat, with the collar turned up. The only things that stood out were her belt buckle and her stunning ice blue eyes. Both women felt the intense power that radiated from the dark woman, as her gaze raked over them. From behind, Jake coughed to get everyone's attention. Tara snapped out of her daydream, and made the introductions. When everyone had been introduced, and Tara had finally got herself organised, they headed downstairs. Everyone was in a good mood, and Kerri and Tara chatted non-stop throughout the journey to the nightclub. Jordan stayed silent for most of it, and Tara wondered briefly if something was wrong.

As they got to the club, Tara's heart sank as she saw the massive queue for the place that stretched as far back as they could see. Jordan didn't miss a beat, as she walked straight up to the bouncer and right passed him. He was about to protest, when he saw who it was, and snapped his mouth shut immediately. Jake and Kerri walked quickly into the place in case there was trouble from the other people. Kyle looked at Tara confused, and she just shrugged, motioning for him to go in before her, then she followed him into the club. Suddenly, a rough hand grabbed hold of her.

"Oi missy. Where the fuck do you think you're goin'. There's a queue here, you know."

Just then, the hand was wrenched off her arm and the man went staggering back into the people behind him, holding a broken nose. "Don't you ever touch her like that," Jordan threatened, taking a step towards the cowering man. 

He held his bloody hands up in surrender. "I'm sorry! I... I didn't know she was with you!"

Jordan growled deep in her throat and turned away from him, pushing Tara gently in front of her to keep an eye on her. "There's always one," she mumbled. "You want a drink?" she half-yelled as they went deeper into the club, and the pumping music got louder. 

Tara nodded, and Jordan left her to go and get the drinks. The blonde spotted her friends dancing, and went over to them to join in. The club was very crowded and everyone was virtually pressed up against one another. Jake grabbed her hands and began spinning around her, pretending he was some kind of dance genius. Tara laughed at his antics, as he spun her around, then pulled her close. At that moment, Jordan turned up and a fleeting look of hurt crossed her face, before it was replaced with indifference. Tara let go of Jake when she saw the taller woman appear and took her drink from her, thanking her. 

"Hey, if any of you want something to drink, just go to the tall, blonde guy at the bar and tell him you're with me. He won't charge you, okay. I'll be back in a minute. I just have to sort a few things out quickly."

Jordan was gone before any of them could reply. Kerri saw the look of confusion in her friend's eyes as she looked at the crowd, her gaze trailing after Jordan. There was nothing any of them could do to help Tara, but they tried their hardest to cheer her up and make her forget about the distant woman. Jordan was gone for much longer than a minute. It was more like an hour, and by the time she returned, Tara was very drunk. When Jordan did reappear, all three of Tara's friends gave her a cold look.

Tara turned from where she was standing with Jake, where he was trying to calm her down. She looked at Jordan with lidded eyes and started dancing around her to the beat of the music. Suddenly, Tara had her arms around the taller woman's neck and was whispering in her ear.

"You're so sexy, you know. If there was any space I'd make love to you right here."

Jordan swallowed hard, and held the intoxicated woman away from her, seeing the lust in her emerald eyes. Jordan glanced up at Kyle, then at Jake, who was giving her dagger-filled looks. She looked to her right, where Kerri was trying to pull Tara away from the dark woman. Jordan let her arms drop, but Tara still clung on, and she had to grab hold of the woman's hands to get her to release her grip. Kerri excused herself and a disorientated Tara to go to the bathroom, leaving Jordan standing with Kyle and Jake, who were looking at her coolly.

"What?" she asked, annoyed. 

"You tell us, Jordan," replied Jake, his dislike for the way Jordan had treated Tara showing.

"Look, I don't have a clue what you are talking about." 

"Where did you go just now, huh? Be back in a minute, you said. An hour's gone by."

"I had some stuff to sort out okay! Anyway, I don't see why I'm explaining myself to a couple of asses." Jordan's eyes took on a glint of danger as she heard the accusation in Kyle's voice.

"We have a right, because we're looking out for a friend of ours. We don't want to see her hurt. Not by you, or anybody," seethed Kyle.

Jordan's expression turned to confusion. "What? I would never hurt her! If anybody is in a position to hurt her it's you," shouted Jordan at Jake.

It was Jake's turn to look bewildered. "Huh? What are you on?"

Kyle looked between the two of them, as he began to realise what had happened. Suddenly, he started laughing. He doubled over in mirth, and the other two looked at him strangely.

"What's so funny?" they asked at the same time. That only served to make Kyle laugh even harder. The two of them looked at each other in confusion, as Kyle composed himself enough to speak.

"I know what's happened here. You," Kyle pointed at Jordan. "You think Jake and Tara are an item, don't you?" Kyle's face threatened to crack up again, but he controlled himself. "That's why you were distant tonight, am I right?"

Jordan looked away, and frowned. "Aren't they?"

Kyle lost it, and started laughing again. Jake, who had been deep in thought, looked down at Kyle and despite still feeling angry towards the tall woman, began to laugh as well. Jordan was becoming slightly irritated that there was something so obviously funny, that she didn't know about.

"What is so funny?!" she yelled. 

"He... " Kyle pointed a finger at Jake, who was leaning on his friend as he laughed. "He's..." Jordan leaned forwards to hear what Kyle was trying to say in between breaths. "He's... gay!" he finally said, as tears of laughter streamed down his face.

"He's what?" asked Jordan, not believing what she had heard.

"You heard me. He plays for the home team. He goes for the guys!" laughed Kyle.

"He does?"


"Oh," said Jordan sheepishly. Then she began laughing as well. "Oh my God! How stupid could I have been!" She looked at Jake and held out her hand. "I'm so sorry, I think we got off on the wrong foot." 

Jake accepted the apology. "Me too. I guess I didn't really help. I take it you a partial to a female?" joked Jake, his good mood restored.

Jordan laughed loudly. "You would be right there."

"Partial to a certain small, blonde female?" enquired Jake.

Jordan smiled and raised a dark eyebrow. "Maybe, if the feeling is mutual."

Kyle and Jake exchanged glances, but Jordan missed the looks as she saw Tara and Kerri coming towards them. Kerri still looked severely pissed off at Jordan, and Tara didn't look very happy. 

"Kerri? Can we talk to you for a second?" Kyle jerked his head at Kerri, signalling for her to leave Tara and Jordan alone for a minute. Kerri's eyes narrowed as she didn't want to leave Tara in her drunken state with the dark woman. "Kerri!"

"All right, all right. I'm coming." She released Tara's arm, and glared at Jordan as she walked passed. Immediately, Jordan took hold of Tara's arm, preventing her from toppling over. Tara smiled up at her dreamily, as she rested her head on Jordan's chest. 

"Hey, I'm taking her upstairs for a while. My friend owns this place, and I'm sure he won't mind if I let her get her bearings back up there. You guys finish up down here and then go upstairs and take the farthest door on the left."

The tall woman sighed and began moving towards the stairs in the corner of the room. Behind her, Kyle and Jake grabbed Kerri as she protested to letting Jordan take her upstairs. Somehow, they knew that Jordan wouldn't harm Tara.

"Let them go, Kerri. Look, we'll explain everything to you. She just misunderstood the... situation in our friendship group."

Jordan and Tara made their way slowly up the stairs. Once in the room, Jordan eased Tara on to the sofa and flopped down next to her, running a hand through her damp hair. She sighed loudly, wondering if Tara was coherent enough to understand her explanation. "Tara?"

The blonde head leaning on her shoulder looked up blearily. "Jooordan," she slurred, smiling.

"Tara, I'm sorry about tonight. I really got caught up in some stuff that I didn't expect to have to deal with."

"Uh huh," came the reply, as the head went down to rest on her again. "S'ok, I forgive you.." she mumbled. Jordan knew it was useless to do anything. Tara probably wouldn't remember what happened tonight, and to be honest, Jordan hoped she wouldn't. She lifted her arm so that Tara would be more comfortable and could lean on her chest. Jordan closed her eyes against the pounding music, wondering how the small woman could sleep through the noise. Suddenly, she felt the head moving and a trail of kisses being planted on her breasts through her silk shirt. The kisses move upwards, and Jordan was frozen in place as Tara claimed her mouth in a hot kiss. Tara went to straddle the taller woman, as Jordan's hands went to Tara's slim hips, her hands running up and under the soft material of her top.

Suddenly, Jordan stopped, removed her hands and broke the kiss. She held Tara's shoulders, preventing the blonde from leaning down and kissing her again. "Wait, this isn't right," she said, her voice full of desire as she looked into the green eyes, dark with passion. It took all her strength not to let the woman kiss her again, and the closeness of her was almost too much for Jordan to bear. "You're drunk. I've never taken advantage of a woman and I won't start now. No matter how much I want you." Gently, she lifted Tara's leg over her. "Come on, lie down." She eased Tara's head on to the edge of the sofa, while Tara just stared at her, then slowly, her eyes closed.

Jordan never knew it, but Kerri, Kyle and Jake had been standing at the door, watching the whole scene. Now, they pretended to only just open the door, and walk in.

"Everything alright?" asked Kerri, now much more friendly towards the dark woman.

Jordan looked slightly ruffled, but otherwise she hid what just occurred well. "Yeah, she's just dropped off to sleep. If you guys still want to wait a bit before you go, I don't mind. Harry's got some good stuff in his cabinet up here."

Kyle and Jake immediately looked at the dishevelled woman "Bring it on."

"Grab that sofa over there and put it opposite the table." The guys did as Jordan asked, then sat down quickly, eager to get some more alcohol.

Kerri sat down beside them, shaking her head. "Boys, boys. What will I do with you?" she mocked.

The tall woman stood and walked over to the mini bar, looking underneath. She came back with four shot glasses and a bottle of vodka. "How much did Tara drink?" she asked, as she poured the drinks.

"Um," Kyle looked at Kerri. "Was it four Barcardis?"

"No, more like three," laughed the curly haired woman. "She's a light weight."

Jordan laughed as well. "And what about you guys?"

"Bet I could beat you at the number of shots you could do," challenged Kyle.

"You'd keel over at two, sport," came Jake's voice.

"I can beat both of you," Jordan said confidently.

Kerri's head dropped into her hands. "Great, now you've gone and done it. They won't quit until they've passed out now."

"Oops," smirked Jordan.

"Well, someone has to stay sober and get them home," stated Kerri, sitting back in the sofa, content to just watch.

"You sure you guys are up for this? Don't you have class tomorrow?" asked Jordan before they started.

"Yeah yeah, me, Jake and Tara get the day off on Mondays."

"It's all right for some," commented Kerri.

"Wasn't our fault you chose to do Accounts," shot back Kyle.

Kerri stuck her tongue out. "At least I don't have to study for a major test coming on Tuesday!"

Kyle and Jake both made a face, as they knocked back their first vodka shot.

Kerri watched, as the three of them carried on for another hour before Kyle ran into the bathroom, hurling his stomach contents. The others laughed, but Jake stopped abruptly when the sound of the retching got to him. His face suddenly turned a shade of green and Jordan looked at Kerri worriedly.

"He'll be okay. He's never hurled in his life," assured Kerri.

"There's always a first time," said a sleepy voice from beside Jordan. They looked over at Tara, who was slowly opening her eyes. She uncurled from her fetal position, stretching her bare legs over Jordan's. The dark woman had to consciously remind herself not to touch the soft skin, but her eyes wandered up to where her thighs met her short skirt. She looked away quickly, when Kyle was heard coming back out of the bathroom, but Kerri and Jake hadn't missed the look. 

"Feeling better?" Kerri asked her boyfriend, who was still holding his stomach gingerly. He just nodded and sat down beside her.

"So, do you guys concede the defeat?" teased Jordan. 

Kyle and Jake looked at each other then back at the woman who was laughing silently at them. "Yeah," they said in unison.

"Good, because I wasn't gonna pour you anymore. The last thing I need is to clear up your mess," she chuckled. She picked up a packet of cigarettes from the glass table. "Want one?" she offered. 

The two men nodded and Jordan pulled two out for them and slid her lighter over to them. She watched in amusement as Kyle tried to light his, but failed miserably. Jake only just managed his, and Kerri had to take Kyle's from him and light it. Jordan pulled out a different looking cigarette from the back of her packet and held it to her lips while she lit it. She looked up suddenly, as all three pairs of eyes stared at her. "You don't mind this stuff, do you?" she asked.

"Mind? No, no, go ahead," said Jake, still staring.

Jordan looked at them closely. "Did you want some?" she enquired.

"Er, well," began Jake.

"It's just that I didn't think you guys did cannabis."

"They don't, but they've always wanted to try it," came Tara's voice. "They just never had the contacts to get the stuff," she chuckled.

"Oh, right. Well, here try some then," she offered. She passed it to Jake, who over inhaled and started choking. He gave it quickly to Kyle, who learnt from his friend's mistake. As he breathed it out, he started to smile and passed it back to Jordan, who tapped it gently on the ashtray to get rid of the ash. 

"What about me?" asked Tara with humour.

"What about you?" joked Jordan, as Tara sat up. She looked into the emerald eyes. "You know what a blowback is?" Tara shook her head, not breaking the gaze. "Some say it's the most intimate thing you can do with a joint. Give me your hand."

Jordan clasped their hands together, as she reversed the spliff in her mouth and blew into it. Tara inhaled, as their gazes still held one another. She pulled away as Jordan finished the weed off and flicked the roach into the ashtray. All five of them sat there, listening as the club below them wound down, feeling relaxed.

"So how old are you now, Jordan?" asked Kyle, his arm around Kerri's shoulder.

Here it comes, thought Tara, looking at Jordan. "Eighteen. I'll turn nineteen on August 5th."

"I take it, you're not in university?"


"You working?" asked Jake. 

"You could say that," answered Jordan carefully.


"Well, self-employed, management kinda thing."

"Oh, okay," said Jake, not bothering to ask where. "Tara told us about your history with her. I'm sorry about your family."

Jordan tensed, and Tara felt it. "It's okay. It was a long time ago."

"It must have been pretty traumatic. I don't think I would have been able to live with myself," said Kerri, absently.

Jordan looked out of the window. "You know it's pretty late. Do you want me to call a taxi?"

"Er, yeah, if it's okay with you."

"Sure, no problem." Jordan tapped Tara's legs to get her to move off her and got up swiftly, walking over to the telephone.

Kerri looked at Tara, worried that she had said something to offend the woman, but Tara smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, she's fine," she said quietly.

Jordan came back and sat down again. "Okay, all set. He's coming now. Should be here in about five minutes."

"We should be making our way down now then," said Kyle, standing up on wobbly legs.

Jordan raised an eyebrow and looked at Kerri. "You sure you can handle all three of them? If you want I'll come back with you then go."

"No no, we'll be fine. The boys can look after themselves and I'll take care of Tara," Kerri said, smiling. "Where are you going to stay?"

"Oh, I'm crashing here. Harry won't mind." Jordan turned to help Tara up, who was still sleepy from her nap.

They went downstairs and out the club, seeing the black-cab driver already there. Jordan waited until there were all in the back, before helping Tara into it. The blonde woman paused on the step and turned around to face Jordan. The dark woman smiled and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

"Call ya later." She passed her over to Kerri and looked at her. "Give her some water before she goes to sleep, alright. Her hangover might not be so bad in the morning." Kerri nodded and pulled the door shut. Jordan waved as the cab pulled away, turning around and going back up to the room quickly.

In the taxi, Tara had fallen asleep again. Kerri looked at the boys. "So what do you think?"

"Think about which part?" asked Kyle.

"I don't know. All of it. Her, I guess."

"She's alright. I have to admit, she's one attractive woman, and I thought she would be the type to take what she wants then leave it. I didn't expect what I saw in the room."

"Me either," agreed Jake. "But at least we know we can trust her now, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose." Kerri looked at Tara's innocent face. "I really don't want to see Tara hurt by this kid," she said, remembering Tara's words as she was changing into her clothes. She hadn't said anything to the guys about it yet, since Tara had asked her not to, but she knew she had to tell them some time.

"Neither do we. But we can't control what she does with her. All we can do is support her," Jake sighed. "I mean, they go back a long way. She knew her before we did, and for much longer."

"Yeah, in some ways, Jordan knows her better than we do," murmured Kyle as Tara stirred in her sleep.

"That doesn't mean anything. People change. Who knows what she's like now? Tara may think she's the same kid she knew in her childhood, but no one really knows," Kerri stated. "And I don't believe her about the management job." She sighed. "But I guess it's not our place to judge."

"So long as Tara's happy, we'll be happy for her," said Jake, wisely.

"We'll see. I promise you though. If Jordan harms her in any way, I'll kill her with my own hands," promised Kyle.

"Don't worry. I'm right there with you," finished Jake.

*********** **********

Continued... Monday Night

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